Sunnah (Voluntary)


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم       


In the Name of Allah The most Gracious The Most Merciful


1. Opening supplication

2. Placing right hand over left hand and placing them on the chest.

3. Joined and outstretched fingers are raised parallel to ones shoulders or ears while saying opening takbir, when going down for bowing, rising from bowing and after rising from the first tashahud.

4. Saying the glorifications (subhana rabbiyal-a’la, subhana rabbiyal-‘adheem) more than once.

5. Adding anything to rabbana wa lakal-hamd after rising from bowing.

6. Saying the supplication for forgiveness between the first two prostrations (rabbi-ighfirli).

7. Making the head level and similar angle to ones back when in the bowing position.

8. spreading arms away from ones sides, stomach from thighs and back of legs from his calves all while in the prostrating position.

9. Keeping the forearms off the floor wile prostrating

10. When one is between prostrations and while sitting for the first tashahud, one should place their buttocks on their left calf and foot while the right foot is erect in the air by having their toes on the ground, keeping the foot up and the sole of the foot facing opposite of the qiblah.

11. In the last tashahud of the prayer the description is similar to the last point but instead of resting on the left leg the person should rest their buttocks on the ground and then place their left calf under their right leg.

12. Pointing the finger from the beginning of the tashahud to the end while keeping the finger still.

13. In the first tashahud sending greetings upon the prophet Muhammad and his family and likewise saying the same for the prophet Ibrahim and his family.

14. Supplicate during the final tashahud

15. Reciting in an audible voice during  Fajr prayer and during the first two units of prayer of Maghrib and ‘Isha` prayers. With regards to non obligatory prayers then it is also the case to pray every unit in an audible voice with regards to the Jumm’ah, ‘eid, eclipse and the prayer for rain prayers.  

16. Praying with a quiet recitation during Dhuhr and ‘asr prayers.

17. Reciting another surah after the recitation of Al-Fatiha.

18. Placing ones hands with fingers spread out on ones knees during the bowing.

19. Making any supplication one desires while in prostration.

20. The final Du’a` at the end of the prayer in which one seeks refuge from hell, grave, the trials of life and death and the evil trials of the anti-Christ.

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