Meanings of oft used Islamic terms

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


In the Name of Allah The most Gracious The Most Merciful


Adhaan– call to prayer

an nujuba`– nobles

Ayah– sign, miracle, verse

Dhaalim– injustice, harm, transaction against allah himself or creation.

Faqr– poverty

Fassaad– mischief, corruption

Fisq– immoratily, transgression, evil

Fitna– test, trial

Fitra– natural state

Ghaib– unseen

Ghubta– envy refering to permissible form of envy

Hanif– upright and devote, one who leaves false religions and beliefs for the truth and doesnt swirve from it.

Ijtihad– striving linguasitcally, sharia striving to attain islamic ruling on an issue after certain pre conditions have been met by the person.

Ilhaad– atheism

Janabah– state of Major impurity

Janaza– funeral

Jihad– struggle in the way of Allah to make his word supreme

Jinn– unseen creation

Khalifa– successor, ruler

Khateeb-o ne who delivers firday sermon

Khawf– fear

Mufassir– one who explains the quran

Muhajir– emmigrant, one who migrates for Allah’s sake

Mujaradaat– absolutes

Muhkam– an ayah of the quran that carries a clear and conclusive meaning.

Mustahab– recommened, a legally responsible person is rewarded for doing but not sinful if leaving it.

Mutashabih– unclear ayah in the quran that is not clear in meaning or wording from the text itself

Naseeha– advice

Nid– partner, peer

Ni’ma-blessing or favour

Qiyas– analogy


Rajah– hope

Ridda– pleasure

Ri`aa`– an act of worship undertaken by someone to be seen by others and not for Allah.

Ruqya– islamic cure using words from quran and duaa of muhammad allayhee salat wassalam.

Shabeeh– matches or like

Shareek– partner or associate

Shiekh– scholar, and old man

Sunan– compilation

Tawakkul– reliance on Allah

Zindeeq– heretic

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