Tablighi Jam’at

What does Shaykh ‘Abdul-‘Azeez ar-Raajihee say regarding the Tabligi Jamat?


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


In the Name of Allah The most Gracious The Most Merciful


Shaykh ‘Abdul-‘Azeez ar-Raajihee, From the Scholars of Riyaadh, Explains and Warns Against the Innovated, Soofee Da’wah of Jamaa’at ut-Tableegh.

Questioner: The questions regarding Jamaa’at ut-Tableegh have increased.

Shaykh ar-Raajihee: We say: It is known that Jamaa’at ut-Tableegh are Soofiyyah, and we do not advise performing khurooj with them, because they do not call to tawheed, do not enjoin the good, and do not forbid the evil. And they enjoin the khurooj, [saying] “Perform khurooj, perform khurooj. And they make it obligatory on the people to perform khurooj for 40 per year, 40 days, and likewise 2 days per week twice[1], and in every month, 3 days. And all of this has no proof. [They say]  Perform khurooj, perform khurooj, they call it in the path of Allaah, yet they only care about adhkaar (remembrance of Allaah). And likewise they make some of the general folk give advice and perform da’wah, yet they have no knowledge, they have no knowledge.

So we advise the youth with attending the knowledge-based lessons and seeking knowledge, and not performing khurooj. And if a person wishes to call, then after that, if he is qualified,  then he can call to Allaah. As for him performing khurooj while he is an ignoramus with no understanding, [then this is not permissible]. Some of the senior Shaykhs that they make speak  senior Shaykhs that don’t know a single thing, he doesn’t read, and perhaps he doesn’t know and doesn’t write they make him speak in the masjid, he gives advice. And some of them are a group small youths who haven’t studied and haven’t learned.

And it is like this – Jamaa’at ut-Taleegh, if you were to enjoin tawheed [in their presence], then there is no way would that they would leave you alone. He will say, Don’t call to tawheed, and don’t enjoin [the good], and don’t forbid the evil, call to such-and-such, and nobody should speak about this.” The intention [in da’wah] is to advise the students with embarking on seeking knowledge, and learning, and gaining understanding, and gaining insight. Then, after that, [he can perform] da’wah to Allaah.

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