Categories of Sins

Malikiyyah, Shaytaaniyyah, Sab’iyyah and Baheemiyyah; all sins can be classified under these types.


Malikiyyah are sins committed when one takes upon himself qualities of Lordship, which are not benefiting for him such as:  

   1- Majesty
2- Pride
4-Subjugation (controlling)
6-Enslavement of people


Shaytaaniyyah sins, it is by resembling Shaytaan in:

    1~ Envy
    2~ Oppression
    3~ Cheating
    4~ Hatred
    5~ Deception
    6~ Plotting evil
    7~ Ordering disobedience to Allaah and beautifying it
    8~ Prohibiting disobedience to Allaah and censuring (harshly criticising) it
    9~ Committing innovations (Bid’ah) in the religion of Allaah
    11~The call to innovations (Bid’ah) and deviation.
    …and others of this type

This category is placed second to the first type with respect to its harms, even though its harms are lesser.


Sab’iyyah sins are sins of:

   1) Transgression
   2) Anger
   3) Spilling blood
   4) Pouncing upon the weak and incapable
    …and others of this type


This gives birth to many types of harms to fellow humans and boldness towards committing oppression and transgression.

 Baheemiyyah sins, examples of this are:

    1) Gluttony (over-indulge in something, usually associated with food)
    2) Desire to satisfy lusts of the stomach and genital organs
    3) Fornication
    4) Adultery
    5) Theft
    6)  Consumption of wealth belonging to orphans
    7) Miserliness (being stingy)
    8) Avarice (extreme greed of material wealth, i.e. money, phones, jewellery, etc)
   10)  Cowardice
   11) Restlessness
   12) Impatience
    …and much more besides these

This particular category is where most of the sins are performed by people because of their lack of ability of committing sins of the Sab’iyyah and Malikiyyah type. It is from this category where they enter into the remaining categories, since this leads them to the rest by the reigns (Baheemiyyah sins lead to Sab’iyyah, Shaytaaniyyah and Malikiyyah sins.) Thus, as a result of this category, they enter into the area of Sab’iyyah sins, then Shaytaaniyyah, then finally, towards contesting the Lordship and committing Shirk in the oneness of Allaah.

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