Ghazwat Bani Al-Mustaliq

Occurrence: Sha’ban 6 AH

Location: Madinah

It can be said that the battle outside of the field of war was just as great or greater than the one on the field. The disbelievers were trying to rid the area of Islam for five years and were not successful in doing so. So their new strategy was to make up lies and speak ill of the Prophet, companions and his family members.

The Prophet received a message that Al-harith bin Dirar the chief of bani al-Mustaliq had moved some of his men along with some arabs to attack Madinah. The Prophet sent Buraidah bin al-haseeb al-aslami to get news about this and to confirm whether it was true or not. Buraidah spoke to Abi Dirar and he revealed his plan to attack the Muslims. A spy was sent to check the positions of the Muslims but by the Grace of Allah he was captured and killed. The muslims were now prepared for war and the Prophet placed Zaid ibn al harithah in charge of Madinah. The arabs who were aiding the disbelievers ran away from the battle after the Muslims began advancing towards them. Abu bakr was holding the banner of the muhajireen and sa’d bin ‘ubadah with the banner of the helpers.

Muraisi` (a well) was the location in which both armies were stationed. There was a battle of arrow throwing for an hour until the Muslim army rushed the disbelievers and acheived victory. Only one Muslim died and that was an accident by a Helper.

One of the people who were captured was Juwairiyah bint al-harith her father was the chief of disbelievers.

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